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Still waiting for my refund its been 4 weeks. .thank god my baby wikl home in 30 days. . Add comment

Do not waste your time or money using "Cons call home"! They gave me a number that won't attach to the facility they claim they cover. After 3 days of not being able to utilize the number & cancelling the service, they charged me $4.95 to cancel, plus a fee of $1.99 out of the $30.49 they initially charged me(keep in mind, I never used the service because it wasn't available to the facility) so they just took my money & now I can't get a refund of the difference for 5-7 weeks...Unfreaking believable!!!! DON'T NOT USE THIS COMPANY, IT'S A... Read more

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When I started their service they did not tell me you needed to pay a second company to use their lines for this service. When I call and told them this is not a bargain and I wanted a refund. They told me 7-10 weeks to get it. It has been 11 weeks and they say the supervisor will not talk calls and neither does the billing department. Do not use this company! This is a rip off and should be charged with theft when they take your money under faults pretense ane refund to refund bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,, why do we need 100... Read more

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ConsCallHome took my money without my consent. I'm pursuing any and all actions available Add comment

They kept taking money out of my account without authorization and seems like they gaveme a fake fax number to try and prove that they did it to get my refund Add comment

This company is completely fraudulent and will do nothing but take your money and offer you no services. They offer cheap calls to inmates and they are completely fraudulent. This is nothing but a scam on consumers. They will refund your money if you complain, but not all of it. They are providing me nothing and bleeding my account dry. If they persist in this fraudulent scam they will be, the cons calling home. As it stands I am going to go to the better business bureau and see if they can do something to stop these thieves from... Read more

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I love this service! If you have been paying $6 or more on phone calls this service is worth getting. I now pay only $2 a phone call with the unlimited plan, and if you don't understand how these phone systems work then I can understand why you may of had a bad experience. But I paid for the unlimited calls knowing that its the "number" that is unlimited, not the phone calls; you still have to pay for the phone calls. My husband and I get to talk four times more often as we did on just one phone call without calling cons. Great service and... Read more

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Stay away from this group. I enrolled in September and the very next day realized that their service would be of no benefit since my family member was in a county jail. I was told to wait 5-7 weeks. I call back in November and was told that the account was being reviewed. Called again in January and said the same thing but to call back in 3 weeks. Called 2-4-16 and the lady told me an official request had not been submitted and now I have to wait another 5-7 weeks. Are you kidding me!!!! I am going to file an official complaint with the Atty... Read more

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they gave me three nums. none worked asked for refund just get run around says takes 7 weeks had two other places they could not help me but had my refund in 3 days why do they take so long warning do not use they just take your money and when you call they just put you off will not give them a good rating i just want my money back i rate them f- f- f- f- f- f- f- f- f- f- f- f- f- f- f- f- f- f-f- f- f- Read more

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I have been trying to get my money back from conscallhome 384.00 dollars because the place where my boyfriend is wont activate the # its been since sept 23 2015 and still cant get my money back dont use them they steal your money and wont refund it back if the service doesnt work horrible people to take advantage of people this way and rip them off Add comment

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