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Months ago I found conscallhome on the web. My Mistake!

I purchased a program to be able to talk with my grand daughter who is in prison.. being assured that if I change my mind I would be able to get a refund. What a lie!

In the meanwhile I find out that the prison does not except calls through their system (conscallhome)

I call before the 3 day rescission, for a total refund. I was told that my case was placed before a board that would make a decision as to weather I would get a refund. I since have called several times as to the last call I made... I was told that it was their discretion as to a refund..

I am now receiving e-mails from these people asking me to spend more money.. What are they kidding me! They are actual *** artist and need to be shut down!

I tried to file with the B.B.B. but was told I needed an address on this so called company.

Does anyone have an address on them??

My e-mail: hamiltonkhbh@yahoo.com

Thank you for your help

Kathy Hamilton


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I agree with everything people say about this company. I had a terrible experience with them several years ago, too.

It was a nightmare. I wish there was an "honest" company out there who would be sympathetic to the people who have loved ones in prison. Some overcharge, but are half-way decent. They are ALL money grabbers!!

Families as a whole miss their loved ones even though they have put themselves in the position they are in, but those of us who would like to hear from them, are punished, too.

So people go to unscrupulous companies like ConsCallHome. Who puts these people behind bars??

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