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Conscall home is a rip off they charge you for service they know you cant used call for a refund you never get it i did some research and i see why the owner is a convicted felony did time in the federal prison in coleman florida so he got this get rich scam going he change the name from conscallhome to millicorp so you can think its another company by the way his name is tim meade check him out and you will agree *** off and still waiting on a refund stay away everyone or you will lose

Monetary Loss: $254.

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Savannah, Georgia, United States #618295


PLZ PLZ do not use comscallhome.....They a full of it.


Just a call forwarding scam that sometimes works until the prison provider catches on. Then the number gets blocked and the inmate gets in trouble.


Well, Ive been trying to get my money back for over 4 months. I wonder how this guy sleeps at night.

What goes around comes around.

They tell you " Ill send an email to the supervisor" ***!! Losers..

to msravenblue #628317

He sleeps very well in his huge rented home (can't own property for fear of the multi million dollar tax liens filed against him by the IRS) while he stuffs his fat face and drives around in his beemer or benz flying wherever he wants. Just run a background check on Timothy L Meade and watch the court actions, tax liens, and criminal arrests appear.

They sold you a service which is illegal to use in prisons called call forwarding and know it will be shut down before or soon after you set it up.


cons call home also hasn't returned the money they owe me. When I opened an account they took the money off my debit account in seconds!!

Yet it has been 6 weeks and I am still waiting!!!!!! I am going to file a formal complaint with the Federal Communication Bureau.

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